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New Trend: Sticker Eyeliner

September 26th, 2011

Sticker Eyeliner  New Trend: Sticker Eyeliner  Difficulty wearing eyeliner? Relax girls, one of the manufacturers of cosmetics, Dior recently launched a sticker eyeliner. Sticker was created by the makeup artist is well-known brand.

Sticker is sold for U.S. $ 60, and one of his sets consist of two pairs of sticker black eyeliner, a gray crystal, following a white crystalline glue.

Interested in using it? Learn the first steps!

1. Sticker used on the skin that has not been affixed makeup and in dry conditions.
2. Remove the sticker slowly from his place, and attach it just above the lash line. You could use a little glue to apply the sticker.
3. After finishing use, remove the sticker slowly by holding the edges. Then save it back in place. These stickers you can use over and over again, really.

Easy, right? So, do not need to be complicated to use eyeliner again, deh! Good luck!

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